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Cross dressing sex

Sometimes it is hard to get an arousal, to get yourself in a situation where you have a strong erection to make penetration possible and enjoyable. This is a problem that can have a toll on your love and sex life but all is not lost since there are practices which can help you regain confidence and get an erection which is strong enough to make your partner scream out of pleasure. Cross dressing sex has everything to do with sexual arousal. Wearing your partners clothes will not only get an arousal but also help in bringing yourself into sexual mood. Watching your partner wear your clothes especially the inner garment can work magic, it will arouse you instantly, make you long for penetration and exploding with pleasure.

crossdressing sexIf you are into masturbation, cross dressing will help you enjoy the act even better, a wearing bra and pants and them spending some time in the mirror will burst your cock, it will shoot on your lady’s pants protruding forward as if it is looking for a cunt to penetrate. Cross dressing makes it easy for you to get a hard erection and play with your cock until you explode with pleasure, it will give you all the satisfaction you need, you do not have to sit and fantasize when your partners is away, just take her inner wear and head to the mirror , you will get an erection faster than you know it and then embark into playing with your hard cock until you come, you will have gotten the same satisfaction as if you were with your partner fucking hard for hours.
You will also get the same satisfaction engaging in cross dressing sex, put on your partners pants and bra , you be the lady in the act while your partner wears your boxers, allow her to be the man. There is no wonderful scene as this, where the roles are changed. Take it even further, let her be the man and remove the bra while licking you allover, this adds spice into the act. Cross gender sex gets you aroused faster than you can imagine , and it has the same effect on your partner, she will get a quick arousal and you will enjoy the whole act than never before, she will explode with pleasure as you hammer her while wearing her pant and bra, she will feel the hard cock inside her, this image will stick in her mind and it will be easy to arouse her in future , all that is needed is to help her visualize the act and there she gets wet immediately.

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